I'm a Kickstarter Backer and I haven't received my Beta invite

All our Kickstarter Backers are entitled to one invite each for the Run An Empire Beta. This is currently only live on iOS and every iPhone-wielding Backer should have received their invite by now.

If you backed us on Kickstarter but you haven't received your Beta invite yet, here are the most common reasons:

  1. It landed in your Junk/Spam folder: while theoretically this shouldn't happen, it is not uncommon so it's always worth checking, especially when you're expecting your invite. If you need us to send it again, just submit a request or email us!
  2. iTunes Connect did not send it: unfortunately we've been encountering this quite often lately - it may be that Apple's iTunes Connect service never actually sent the invite, even though we're shown that it was. Submit a request or email us so we can fix it!
  3. We don't have enough data about you: before we started sending out Beta invites, everyone received a survey. If you haven't filled this in, it means we don't have enough data about you to be able to get you playing. Read more here.
  4. You told us you were using iOS 7: if you told us you were using iOS 7 when you completed the survey, we wouldn't have sent you an invite (which was flagged in an update). This is because Apple's TestFlight programme does not support this iOS version anymore. If you think this is you and you've updated in the meantime, let us know by submitting a request or by emailing us!
  5. You told us you were using an Android smartphone and have since switched to iPhone: in this case we're more than happy to switch you over, just get in touch by submitting a request or by emailing us!
  6. You're currently using an Android smartphone: the Run An Empire Beta is not available for Android yet. Please read this article for more information.


Please feel free to get in touch with us by opening a ticket here or emailing us at

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