What are coins and how can I get them?

Coins are an in-game currency in Run An Empire.


How you can use them

You can spend them to

  • Unlock supporters for your shield;
  • Run for longer (by tapping the '+' button near the timer during a run);
  • Remove your cooldown.


How you can collect them

You can collect them by:

Owning hexes

  • You earn coins for each hex you own.
  • Coins generate each hour - you need to collect them before they show up in your balance.
  • To collect your coins, go to the main map screen and press the green coin button on the lower left-hand side.  If the coin button is grey, it means it's not been an hour yet!

Running through hexes

  • Once you've finished a run, you can raid coins from the hexes you've travelled through.
  • You get different amounts of coins for each hex, based on how you've affected it.


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