What can I expect from the Beta?

The game you are about to play is a work in progress. You can run, walk and jog around your local area, you can capture territory and you can steal it from other people. You can also mine coins and use them to upgrade your coat of arms. We’re still building many other features but they’re not live yet (although many are being added on a weekly basis). The purpose of the beta is to see how everyone uses it, as it is, with minimum constraints - a “sandbox” type experiment, as such. 

Be fairly warned right from the start - your beta empire is not likely to be brought forward into the fully launched version of the game - the entire game map is currently planned to be deleted at the end of the beta programme and perhaps at stages in between. So think of this an opportunity to scout out the battlefield before anyone else.

Finally, towns aren’t automatically activated in the game - we add them one at a time. We’re adding new locations to the game continuously. If you attempt to play away from home and receive a message saying “your current location has not yet been added to the game”, this is the reason why.

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